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Cinematically Correct

Jan 6, 2021

We are a podcasting couple who loves to disagree about all things movie related and anything else that might spark in our crazy mind! Do you have a hate/ love relationship with your best friend/ partner? You will so relate to this podcast!

This week we are covering A League of Their Own (1992). Our stream of consciousness style centers around women's professional sports, drunk degenerate Tom Hanks, and real life wonder woman Gina Davis!

Thanks to Jake at Atthis music for the awesome jingle check him out on SoundCloud here:

Share with us your thoughts! Did you like the podcast? Did you like the movie? Did you relate to something we said? We want to hear all about it! You can leave us a review or contact us: or on twitter/IG @CinematicallyC or join our Facebook group Cinematically Correct's Listener Group

Come laugh with us and share your thoughts on the movie! And come back next Wednesday for